Capt. Malcolm Chan-a-Sue, A.A., M.S. and Col. Charles Hutson

Art Williams & Harry Wendt Aeronautical Engineering School

was conceived by Capt. Malcolm Chan-a-Sue, A.A.,  M.S. and Col. Charles Hutson and began operating in 1993.

The School was named after the pioneers of aviation in Guyana:
Art Williams (Arthur James Williams). & Harry Wendt (Herman Edgar Wendt),

Both were pilot-mechanics, who in the early 1930’s laid the foundation for aviation in Guyana and by so doing, opened up much of the country’s interior for the first time.










Arthur James Williams was a retired Lt. Col. of the US Air Force. He came to British Guiana in August 29, 1934 with an Ireland Wasp Aircraft.



Herman Edgar Wendt, also a pilot-mechanic, came to British Guyana about one year after Arthur Williams. (1935)



British Guiana Airways was Guyana’s first commercial Aviation Service and was initiated by Williams and Wendt. The picture shows a Grumman Goose (Flying Boat) docking at Ruimveldt wharf – August 29, 1945