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Art Williams & Harry Wendt Aeronautical Engineering School was conceived by Capt. Malcolm Chan-a-Sue, A.A., M.S. and Col. Charles Hutson and began operating in 1993. Captain Chan-A-Sue has been the Chief Executive Officer since 1993 to date.

The School was named after the pioneers of aviation in Guyana:
Art Williams (Arthur James Williams) & Harry Wendt (Herman Edgar Wendt).

Both were pilot-mechanics, who in the early 1930’s laid the foundation for aviation in Guyana and by so doing, opened up much of the country’s interior for the first time.

The desire to further the good work of the Engineering School’s two Founders was initially the concern of two prominent organizations in Guyana’s modern aviation industry, Kayman Sankar Group of Companies and Correia Group of Companies. However, the task of administration was handed to the Aircraft Owners’ Association of Guyana Inc. with the intention of offering its services to any and all subscribers of that Association. It proved its worth and set its future destination when it facilitated the first class of seven trainees to become fully licensed engineers.

Assistance through the British High Commissioner, David Johnson, was provided by Mr. Jim Campbell of the British Executive Services Overseas (BESO) and Mr. William Cottrill of the Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO). This initiation has evolved into the effective operation of one of the most dynamic aeronautical engineering schools in this part of the hemisphere. It is operated in accordance with the requirements of the British Civil Aviation Authority and the procedures are in accordance with their Airworthiness Requirements.