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Ab-Initio, meaning “from the beginning” is a programme that is designed specifically for persons with proven academic ability and no previous aviation maintenance experience. The Ab-Initio Trainee Programme is designed specifically for those young persons, male or female, with proven academic ability.


This is a FULL TIME, three year Programme which enables Trainees to be prepared for their Aircraft Maintenance Engineer’s License Without Type Rating – LWTR. The License Without Type Rating (LWTR) is a qualification issued by the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) – conversion to another country’s qualification may require further examination, especially on the Regulations subject. The term “Without Type” means that the qualification is not specific to any particular make or design of aircraft, but it covers all types of aircraft, its systems and components, large or small.

It is chiefly recognition by the Authority of the trainee’s level of experience, manual competence and academic achievement. The grueling written and oral assessments of all these are necessary for the GCAA to ensure that the candidate has attained a level of attitude and responsibility to be in charge of the airworthiness standards of passenger carrying aircraft. The examination is set and marked by the GCAA’s office in Guyana, and the “License” is then issued.

After gaining the LWTR, the trainee then needs to study further to accumulate “Type Ratings” that is, they become specialists in types of aircraft – once you choose aircraft maintenance as your career, the sky’s the limit; there is always more to learn. The trainee is exposed to theoretical and practical training over the three year period in order to ensure his/her readiness for the Aircraft Maintenance Engineer’s License examinations.

Trainees are trained in Basic Workshop Skills. Students gain practical experience by exposure to Aircraft Maintenance at various hangar facilities. Practical Attachment is monitored by Maintenance Supervisors. Work carried out is recorded in a logbook.

The first Ab-Initio Class commenced in 1997. Seven trainees attended the programme. One of these students is the First Female Ab-Initio Trainees in Guyana to be granted an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer’s License. Ms. Khareshma Bhagwandeen (pictured above) License # 153 Airframe Training